Vintage bathroom designs never fail to impress

Vintage bathroom designs are considerably different from modern bathroom designs. For starters, the flooring of these bathrooms usually has tiles that have geometric designs or designs that resemble stone tiles. The border is almost mandatory. The finishing of these tiles is often not as perfect as it is today. Even the plain tiles on side walls have borders. Steel and glass are not common in these bathrooms. Therefore, the shower room and contemporary shower room fixtures are usually absent in these bathrooms. Shower curtains are used in these bathrooms instead of glass doors. A large roll top tub occupies a prominent place. This vintage tub is a free standing tub, i.e., it is not tiled all around to give it a rectangular appearance. Instead, it is held above the floor by some ornate stands or legs made from metals or ceramics and painted in pastel colors such as blue, peach, mint and red. However, not all vintage tubs are such “claw foot tubs”. Some tubs have pedestals too, obliterating view of the bathroom floor under the tub. The striking features of these bathtubs are their curves and broad white curved edges. Usually, these tubs are made from cast iron. The colors are only used on the outer surface of these tubs. Unlike contemporary love for straight lines, vintage bathroom fittings have strikingly curved and often ornate designs. Such curves are common even on cabinet designs, mirror frames, and chairs, if any, placed in the room. Bathroom cabinets with wooden veneers or wood add to the vintage look, as do wrought iron stands painted white, holding ceramic pottery. Windows of this bathroom usually have louvers.

vintage bathroom photo - 1Pastel colored cabinets belong to vintage bathrooms. The electrical and plumbing fittings also have curved shapes. Using some of the vintage bathroom antiques and wallpapers with flowers on them also helps to bring back the charm of that era.

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Shower rooms are now essential part of bathrooms. Therefore, vintage bathroom designs nowadays include shower rooms, with glass doors. In the US, Scovilini offers a collection of vintage bathroom fittings and accessories to choose from. However, this company caters to the needs of high-end customers, and often blends contemporary designs with vintage designs. Kohler also offers such collection of vintage sanitary fittings.
vintage bathroom photo - 2Reputed tile manufacturers and retailers such as Daltile, Clay Squared, B&W tile, Re-Store, and American Restoration tile offer pastel and geometrically designed ceramic vintage bathroom tiles. The cost of these tiles depends on their sizes, designs, and materials. Therefore, the costs of these tiles vary from $4.5 to $16.50 per square foot.

Vintage bathroom tubs are sold by Randolph Morris. The prices differ according to sizes as well as design and materials used to make these tubs. Prices of cast iron variety start from $800. The entire package consisting of vintage bathroom tub and shower accessories costs approximately $1,500 and above. Bella Casa vintage bathroom tubs cost as much as $2,800 or so.

For homhomeownersth smaller budgets, buying reclaimed tubs, cabinets, plumbing materials, tiles, etc., from some of the sites is a better way to make their bathroom come alive. However, the process starts from finding specialists who know how to fit these older model fittings and helps in purchasing the fittings that have little or no flaws

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