A Tiny Bathroom is always a Great Idea!

Do you feel like you could use another bathroom? Building a tiny bathroom is a great idea! With a little time and not a lot of money you can turn a small space into a bathroom in no time. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Location – Do you have a space that is close to existing plumbing. If your plumber can tie into existing plumbing it will cut your cost dramatically.

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2. Fixtures – Good fixtures can make or break your budget. Unfortunately working in a small space you may need to consider some creative ideas for sinks. You can special order very small sinks that will fit your space, but they can be costly. If money is an issue one idea is to buy a less expensive toilet and splurge on the sink. www.SignatureHardware.com is a great place to buy small sinks, they are high quality and all their options look great.

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3. Decor – In a small space it can be easy to overdo your design. A great idea is to pick a bright color that makes the room bigger than it is. You can also pick one or two signature art pieces to make your tiny bathroom really stand out.
tiny bathroom ideas photo - 24. Storage – In a tiny space storage can be difficult. This is especially true if you have a wall mounted sink with no storage. In this case over the toilet storage is the best idea. You can do this by buying a stand that sits on the floor and goes over the toilet or by finding a wall mounted cabinet that fits the space nicely. You can find lots of options at hit-interiors.com

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Just remember a tiny bathroom is still a bathroom and having an extra bathroom is always a great idea that will make a huge difference overall.

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Tiny bathroom ideas Photo - 1Tiny bathroom ideas Photo - 8
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