Small bathroom remodel ideas that you should try

A small bathroom has space challenges. However, that does not mean that the bathroom cannot look good while retaining its functionality. Your small bathroom may not hold large fixtures, but there are small bathroom remodel ideas that can transform it to your dream bathroom. Here are a few of them:

Decorative tiles are good at creating an eye-catching contemporary design. You may go for gray patterned tiles on the wall of your bathroom. You do not have to cover the entire wall but can create patterns of tiles and the wall.

Soft colors schemes are fantastic

Colors alter how you perceive the size of a room. You can create an illusion of more space by use of neutral or pastel hues as the main color of your bathroom. You may also add some bold colored accessories and towels to further the perception created by the paint.

Recessed lighting is excellent in small spaces.

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Light also plays part making your small bathroomlook bigger. Pendants, chandeliers, and other large light fixtures seem to consume too much space. Consider having light hidden in the ceiling. This creates a soft glow that seems to blur the bathroom boundaries making your bathroom appear bigger. Furthermore, you may consider a skylight or enlarge your bathroom windows to bring in lots of natural light.

Mirrors create wider look for the bathroom

Go big when buying mirrors for your bathroom. Consider buying flat mirrors to be hung on the walls, as there is less space for other types. Mirrors reflect light making the room look lively and more spacious.

Smaller sinks are the best
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Avoid buying vanity sinks since they take up lots of space. Instead, consider pedestal and wall mounted sinks. These types of sinks allow more room for you to put something else.

Utilize any available space for storage

If you have removed a vanity for a pedestal sink, you have also gotten rid of storage the vanity offered. In its place, you can have a built-in storage unit cut on the walls where you can store small items such as toiletries. You can also utilize the vertical space by creating a cabinet on the wall.

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