Small bathroom remodel Photo – 9

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One thought on “Small bathroom remodel Photo – 9

  • July 19, 2015 at 12:00 am

    wow, how cool. I always end up using my tolwes until they are ridiculously thin and full of holes, then I cut them into manageable cleaning rags until they finally fall apart. They make great dish rags… However, my sister that passed away used to pick up free clothes from the back of goodwill or garage sales and stuff. Mostly jeans and sweaters/sweatshirts and cut 6″ x6″ squares out of them and make these massively heavy quilts and then take them into the cities and drop them off in alleys and in front of low rent places or whatever for the homeless and poor to take. They were plenty warm. She had made one and it was raffled off for some reason. The person that won it had to move and was going to give it away, but a friend of the family caught wind of it and got it and gave it to Dean (my sister’s son) So now he has a quilt his mom made…cool right?? Anyway, getting back on track here…rug out of old clothes. That that was the thought that had given birth to nostalgia.P.S. I have a cabin and it would be beautiful right in front of the sink area :)

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