A touch royal in your bathroom

Purple! This color has been associated with royalty from time immemorial; from the era of Julius Caesar to the modern times of Queen Elizabeth. Implementing this deep color scheme into our homes and other spaces such as offices brings about a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. A purple bathroom color theme and decor is a trend that is growing fast. The reason for the popularity is accredited to the romantic and stylish design the color of royalty achieves in bathrooms. To effectively achieve the purple themed decor, you would need to put a couple of things into consideration.


purple bathroom photo - 1One of the most things you are supposed to examine carefully is the collection of linen in the bathroom area such as the towels, curtains and bath mats. Having purple as the primary color in the bathroom space is very advantages. One of the benefits is that purple blends in with various colors; even those are not to any shade of purple. The collection of linen should have warm colors that blend in with purples such as dark ruby and Tuscan red. Other brighter colors like lilac, lavender, and magenta come in handy when complimenting the color scheme and decor.

Purple bathroom Photo - 1
The ideas to be implemented on the bathroom walls should enhance and highlight the entire bathroom space. To achieve this, the ceiling and the walls should be separated by a bright but calm color such as white. However, note that you should not overuse the bright colors on walls as this will result in overthrowing purple as the main primary color of decor design. Another way to highlight the bathroom space is by placing a few artistic works on the walls. This could consist of artworks with light shades of blue and yellow.
purple bathroom photo - 2A picture frame with a gold finish would fit in perfectly. Golden yellow blends in perfectly with purple. Other artistic works to incorporate into the bathroom space are statues and tall, dimly-lit lampstands. The countertops shelves and bathroom rooms can be painted with a color that completes the theme. The ceramic tiles are another important element to consider.



Try out your design skills. Maybe you could find out that you have talented and royal blood flowing in your veins.

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