Mold on bathroom ceiling

Mold is simply a fungi that grows as multicellular structures called the hyphae, mold is caused by bacteria
which we all have growing in our bathrooms, combined with the humid environment.

Black mold can cause an array of allergies and health problems, preventing and controlling the growth of the
mold is best.When treating infected areas as mask should be worn and all parts of the body should be
covered as well to prevent any reactions with the mold.

Now there are many different ways to rid of mold in the bathroom but there are a few I will be going through
to simplify the process.


1. You can use baking soda.

First you will need to make a paste with the baking soda and water,

Scrub the mold with a mixture of water and baking soda first then you will apply the paste
wait for some time depending on the extent of the mold, and hour at best.

After waiting scrub the surface with water then dry.


2.You can use Borax which is a natural cleaning product. Though is very toxic if you swallow it, it does not
emit any dangerous fumes when you use it.

To use it you must make a borax-water solution.

Using a brush, scrub surface with the borax-water solution without rinsing.

When it is not rinsed borax ensures the mold not coming back.

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