How to refurbish your bathroom with modern bathroom lighting

When constructing, we make a lot of decisions about how we would like our houses to be, the partitions, the design, the colour of the paint, the type of tiles and the lighting systems. But have you ever wondered what kind of lighting system to install in the bathrooms? Mostly, we tend to forget or leave this are to the electrician to decide. Of course, bathroom is just a tiny room but imagine this is a place you have to visit every morning and evening before you go to bed. So why not give it a priority?

Make sure your bathroom is well lit up with modern bathroom lighting. A bathroom requires a lot of illumination to satisfy your daily activities. If your bathroom light creates a shadow in there, maybe it is time to revamp the conventional lighting with the new styled modern bathroom lighting. The light should be bright and flattering enough.

Modern bathroom lighting will add touch elegance in your vanity space and you will have every reason to enjoy late night showers. Try LED bathroom lighting for a modern look and energy efficiency. Check out George kovac’s saber chrome energy efficient LED light at a price of $126.00. Considering its beauty and energy saving capability, it is worth the price.

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The types of modern bathroom lights

Wall lights

Wall light styles include bracket and sconces, for bathroom vanity lighting, sconces are a great solution. Bathrooms look good in wall lights. You can choose between bracket, strip lights or pendants and make sure it is installed in a place that doesn’t cast shadow over your face. The light should be at an appropriate place to allow you shave or apply makeup with ease as you gaze at the mirror. They can be simply installed besides the mirror to add a decorative flair. Examples are;

• Manhattan Vienna full spectrum crystal wall sconce at $99.00• Adele-wall sconce (heirloom) handcut at $169.06• Karla wall sconce (heirloom) handcut at $200
modern bathroom lighting photo - 2Strip lights
These are perfect for reducing shadows when mounted right or right of the mirror or horizontally above the mirror. Choose between the upturned or downturned cups and globes.

Shower lights

Shower lights are good since they are designed for wet conditions and water resistance. Look for flush ceiling lights from the elegant trims and lenses available. Check out for the various options such as HR-D418 at $41.50 to one of the most expensive brands, the Drop LED Recessed lighting at $517.50.


With more 5,000 modern bathroom lighting options to choose from, selection can be a challenge. But dimmers bulbs can be appropriate to add the illumination, conserve energy and at the same provide a soothing ambient light for relaxing in the tub. Whatever your choice is, galaxy lighting, vanity lighting or otherwise, always consider the size of your bathroom and that of the mirror so as to create a balance.

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