The best kids bathroom ideas for you

Whether you share the same bathroom with your kids or they have one for themselves, kid friendly bathroom type of décor makes bathing fun. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the best kids’ bathroom ideas for you. If you do not prefer themes, you can make the bathrooms attractive to your kids by incorporating unique colors and patterns that suit the interest of your children. If they love certain cartoons, you can have one or two in there. An ornate mirror and light blue towels for their use will also make them to love taking baths even before you ask them to do so. To make them more elegant, you can include polka dot curtains and wastebaskets. Another way of coming with a bathroom that will make you children spend hours bathing is by using new cabinet knobs and green bath accessories.

kids bathroom ideas photo - 1The Mediterranean style of girl’s bathroom is also very impressive for children. Imagine how it feels having a shower in bathroom with walls painted with the blue color with simple tiles covering the floor. An addition of pink or purple towels will not be a bad idea. Such bathrooms are very good for the girls although boys will not be offended when asked to use them.
kids bathroom ideas photo - 2The beach themed walls are yet another popular kid’s bathroom design that you will come across in most homes. When complemented with colorful bath accessories they give that heavenly look that will keep your kid glued at the place even when they are through with the process. When the boys and girls share a bathroom, it is very tricky to please both of them. However, a sage wall color with yellow accents will make them appreciate your effort. You can also provide them with hooks where they can hang towels when they are through. The pegboards can also add value to your décor when well chosen.

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