Simple DIY steps to a cleaner bathroom

If there is one room in the house where we spend most of our time when at home, it is the bathroom. From freshening up, shaving, taking care of natures call or sometimes just shutting the stressful world out, we turn to the bathroom for these needs. It is therefore a place that needs to be spotless clean and carefully taken care of. A clogged sink can be a major problem because water drains slowly, leaving a dirty residue which is not pleasing to the eye. When this happens, here are simple ways of dealing with it at absolutely no extra cost. Clogging of the bathroom sink is mostly caused by trapped hairs under the drain. These hairs combine with chemicals from soaps, creams and toothpaste to form a slimy paste that prevents free flow of water down the pipes. There is no need to go to the shops to buy chemicals to remove these hairs, a manual process is required. One of the ways of manually unclogging a sink is by use of a plunger. While the toilet plunger may be too big for a sink, its advisable to keep a smaller plunger handy for these needs. Let some water fill up the sink then use the plunge to force out the hairs.Once they float out you can then scoop and deposit them in the trash. A long thin stick can be pushed and twisted around the drain to make space for water to run. However, as this may not efficiently get the hairs out, a wire with a bent end can be used to fish out the hairs and then trash them properly. The above processes are pretty simple, but if however the sink does not unclog it means there is more blockage, which may require you to unclog from below,by detaching the u-pipe below the sink. It can be a bit messy and it needs a bucket to collect the dirty water from the sink.However, once the u-pipe is cleared and put back in place water should drain smoothly from the sink. To prevent further clogging, make a habit of pouring a cup of a mixture of hot water and baking soda into the drain.Also, check regularly to clear hairs under the drain. There you have it, a clean and unclogged sink without the use of chemicals or the extra cost of hiring a professional!

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