How to tile a new bathroom floor

Thinking of That New Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor is looking a little worse for wear, and time to spruce up one of the most important rooms in the home. A new bathroom for can transform a bathroom, adding beauty, brightness and comfort. Today, there are a huge number of options, including heated floors and just about any material imaginable. The question is, what is aesthetically pleasing and functional for you. Below are some of the options on how to tile a bathroom floor.

Types of Flooring

Today, the homeowner has a multitude of flooring materials, colors, and patterns to choose to decide how to tile a bathroom floor. The sky is the limit and have fun shopping.

  • Wood Motif – Do you want a wood floor look? Vinyl flooring that is 100% waterproof is now available. It is beautiful, efficient to install and will provide many years of indestructible use.
  • Linoleum – This is the tried and true, but now comes in patterns that will now make your head spin with choice. Quality is excellent, and history proves it has great utility.
  • Natural Stone Tile – Install that Mediterranean look with a beautiful tile floor. Tile is a “forever” floor that comes in many color and pattern choices. Installation is more difficult that with the other flooring materials, but this should not discourage one from using tile.

Important Factors

In selecting that new and beautiful bathroom flooring, two factors are critical to consider when looking how to tile a bathroom floor:

  • Vitreosity – the ability of a material to absorb water. Pick a material that is nonvitreous.
  • Coefficient of Friction – Select a tile with a high Coefficient of Friction that is a measure of how slippery a material will be when wet. You want a high Coefficient of Friction.

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Bathroom flooring varies considerably in price. Linoleum is the least expensive starting at approximately $1.80 per square foot, with pricing rising to approximately $3.85 per square foot for natural stone tile. There is something for everyone at just about ever price point and remember to add all the materials and installation to your price when considering how to tile a bathroom floor.

Install That New Bathroom Floor

You have decided to take on the project. Head down to your local building yard and have fun selecting the right flooring material for you. There are certainly many choices, and whichever you choose, it will be a long-lasting and beautiful renovation for your home when deciding on how to tile your bathroom floor.

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