Enhance the elegance and grace of your bathroom with modern faucets

Life becomes tough when your bathroom’s faucet stops working. You need to consider replacement of the old faucet if it turns dull, drips water even after repair or its style turns outdated. Know here how to replace a bathroom faucet?

Step 1

Turn off the main valve of the water supply. Then release the water pressure from the water lines by turning on the faucet. Now unfix this old faucet.

Step 2

Install the gasket on the faucet’s bottom using plumbers putty or sealant. Then place the faucet on the sink’s mounting holes and fix it with mounting nuts.

Step 3

Screw the nut tightly on the drain’s body. Now place the gasket into place.

Step 4

Apply some plumber’s putty under the flange. Fix the drain body on the sink’s bottom. Now screw it.

Step 5

For installing the drain rod unscrew the nut from the drain’s body and then insert the rod in the stopper through the hole, now fix the nut . Remember, testing the lift rod is important.

Step 6

Now fix the water supply lines. Make sure the connections have no leaks; check if any nut is requires re-tightening. And you are done with the job. Find The Best Faucet Brand For You In order to find the best brand of faucet you need to compare their qualities and features.The listings briefed below will serve you as your guide-


Mostly the faucets of this brand feature a small internal turbine. This feature allows the faucet to generate electricity for itself on its own with running water. Amazing, isn’t it! But in order to keep it fully charged it is required to be operated at least 10 times in a day.


Kohler faucets come in both deck-mounted and wall-mounted models. They mostly feature a multi-jointed spout that enables the faucet to be used as multifunctional spray.


Giagni brings one of the most elegant models of faucets. Every model of this brand features an exclusive modern look. The best thing about Giagni is that you can find beautiful faucets within cheap prices. The faucets that are produced these days are extremely flexible and add high style to the décor of the bathroom. Just make sure that your choice coordinates with the look of the array.

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