The best and easy way to remove bathroom tiles

At times, we need to remodel our bathroom, upgrade with desirable styles, sizes and pattern so that they look attractive. This is why you need to remove old and broken tiles in your bathroom and replace them with new and desired ones. How then do you remove old tiles in your bathroom? You need to be cautious when removing the tiles in your bathroom so as to preserve beneath plaster walls and always remember to arm yourself with protective guards. Removing tiles can be cumbersome and tiresome especially when you want to maintain the surface due to the strength of attraction between tiles and surface. You need to make sure that you have the appropriate tools and take your time for the job. Some of the basic tools you will require include; pry bar, chisel, under-tile waterproofing and a rotary tool with grout-cutting attachment. Make sure you clear the bathroom area so as to have ample space to work in. Cover some of the open places with clothing and position different buckets for disposing broken replaced tiles. Use pry bar beneath broken tiles sections to scrape out the grout along the grout line. Note that, if you experience difficulty in extracting the tile, use chisel to loosen the tile. You should use the lightest pressure to avoid cutting through the plaster wall surface. If you don’t wish to break the tile, use painters tape for protection. Carefully, pry away the tile from the wall slowly. Removing the first tile is sometimes a difficult task since there is no point of entry to the tile. how to remove bathroom tile photo - 2When removing one tile which is broken clean all old grout to leave a soft ground then replace the tile with a new one. If the tile doesnt come out, create an X using a masking tape and drill some holes through the tape. Using the pry bar, try to pry out the pieces of the broken tile. Sometimes you will require a mallet to pound on the chisel if the tile is tightly fixed. Finally, remove the remaining tiles working from bottom up. It is worth note that you can re-use the tiles again on another project if you remove them carefully.

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