Simple guide to bathroom tiles Installation

With adequate preparation it is not such a hard task to install bathroom tiles. However, it is important to put into consideration a few tips on how to install bathroom tile. To begin with, It is advisable to purchase all the tiles at a go as buying from varying stock may bring about disparity in appearance. The tiles are set on the floor beginning at the centre. Its important to dry fit them especially when one is making a pattern. One should also ensure they have enough tiles to cover the whole area and ensure the patterns end in a consistent way at the edges. On satisfaction with the centrally placed tile, one should then make markings to determine the cuttings required and where they are required on the tiles. The adhesive is then spread directly on the surface and then the tiles are set beginning with the centre tile. Spacers are then put in place to ensure the tiles remain separated and give room for grout. The installed bathroom tiles are then given sometime to dry before removing the spacers and finishing off the floor with grout. Another important aspect that should be considered is how to install bathroom tiles on existing walls, it is essential to strip off existing coverings such as wall paper and loose paint from the wall. Sheen on glossy finishes can be removed with a light sanding. Any patches that arise thereof are patched with the sparkling compound which leaves the surface very smooth on drying. Comparison To install bathroom tiles, a number of brands can be used. Marble, Travertine and limestone are calcite based stones and provide classic floor tiles that are characterized by elegance and style. Their look is often imitated by another brand of tiles in ceramic. Ceramic is the most common tile in homes. It is easy to maintain hence can be installed in any room. It is basically water and stain proof and provides quite a good traction. Granite tiles on the other hand tend to be indestructible and can be used in any room. They don’t etch like marble or travertine and they are not as prone to staining. Porcelain on the other hand is fast becoming an alternative to ceramic and stone as it is deemed to be harder and more durable than ceramic.

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