The ultimate bathroom experience. creating your little getaway

There are many great feelings in the world, but nothing beats the feeling of getting home after a long day of battling traffic, bad weather, pushy bosses, work deadlines and bad food. When you get home and rush to the bathroom for a long relaxing shower, submerged in the bubbles, cool music and a glass of wine. This behooves us then to maintain this place in the cleanest of standards, without compromising the quality of the bathroom fittings and the cost of detergents. This article gives a guideline on simple yet effective ways on how to clean a bathroom.

Some of the points to consider are:

Start with the tub; pour a relatively strong scouring powder to take care of the soap scum that normally forms a residual after shower. After scrubbing is done, the faucets and the taps can be wiped with a clean cloth to produce that shiny look. Baking soda, water paste and even vinegar are also good for tough stains. The shower curtains should always be spread out to avoid water being held in the folds, a quick wipe usually does while they could also be changed and cleaned along with laundry at least once in every two weeks. how to clean a bathroom photo - 2Toilet – Utmost care should be given on this to avoid staining and unpleasant odor emanating even after cleaning. Here baking soda and vinegar works equally as well where a little of each is applied around and in the water. Give them some time to react and then give the toilet a wholesome scrub in all nooks and crooks. A little should also be used on the floor around to remove any smell from the usual pee drops. Air circulation should also be a point to observe in the bathroom. Make sure the towels are dry to avoid the dump smell and growth of mildew. In the event that the weather outside is not as friendly, fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers would also help in creating some fresh air circulation.

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