Some Green Bathroom Options That Will Amaze

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom to make it the color green? Well, that is a good idea and there are several types of green shades to use. The designer Elena Gordeeva can make the tub walls your favorite color of green. She can install two entry doors that are more alight green with white borders.

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She can make your bathroom sink look similar to a lily pad that is squared off. Elena does specialize in interior design and furniture design. I suggest keep her in mind and on your list. She knows that plenty of folks are on the budgets so she wants to help them save some money.

Celia Berliner and her Celia Berliner Design establishment can make all of your bathroom walls a dark green or any other choice that you agree with. She can make a clear shower stall with two, white squares centered correctly. Her team can change your bathroom cabinets to a lighter green with the white marble counter and sink.

green bathroom photo - 2They can also input a tub that is marble and white and install an extra shelf that is linked to the side of the sink; to go slightlyabove the toilet & stopping at the stall. Then they can strategically install a television and/or a computer monitor. Celia is soprofessional and she ensures that the creations are tailor-made to each client. She knows her stuff so get a consultation.


The designer Surono can implement green tiles made of granite. Those can be situated on the floor to look form a semi-large diamond in the middle of the floor, including a darker green border that really looks like a square. The team can make one lower wall green while leaving the upper part of the wall white.
They can put in a clear shower stall and make the upper wall of it green and the lower wall white. The outcome will be a unique one. So the designer Surono is another designer that can help. Research them and their work then make a good decision afterwards.

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