Farmhouse bathroom sinks

Copper farmhouse sink is the perfect accompaniment to your groove cabinets and counter tops. They are
easy to maintain; cleaning is simply done using a mild soap or detergent and water, a precaution to put into
consideration is to avoid harsh chemicals and acidic food coming in contact with the copper farmhouse sinks
since this could corrode the copper sink patina finish.

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Farmhouse bathroom sinks are made of materials such as acrylic, copper, granite, marble. Farmhouse sinks
installation is commonly done above counter, under mount or apron front, it also comes in different shapes;
round, square or rectangular. Surface treatment could be done either by polishing or brushing.

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Farmhouse bathroom vanities comes in the following categories:

1. Single sink vanities.

2. Double sink vanities.

3. Vessel sink vanities.

4. Console sink vanities.

5. Semi-Recessed sink vanities.

6. Single sink vanities.

7. Sink installation; Integral, drop in, semi-recessed, under mount, vessel’

8. Double sink vanities.

9. Sink installation; Drop in, integral, semi-recessed.

10. Vessel sink vanities.

11. Sink installation; vessel.

12. Console sink vanities.

13. Sink installation; Integral, under mount, vessel.

14. Semi-Recessed sink vanities.

15. Sink installation; semi-recessed.

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