Corner Bathroom Vanity, maximizing your needs in one space

Did you know that you can get the bathroom you want? A bathroom with all the requirements you need for cleaning and makeup? Yes, it is simple and possible with corner bathroom vanity. All you have to do is to select, buy and install. Shipment is free, so what are you waiting for?






Corner bathroom vanities add décor and storage to your bathroom. As the name suggests, corner bathroom vanities are fitted on corners inside or at the entrance of your bathroom. A complete set countertop of a mirror, cabinet, bowl or undermount sink and a faucet at the top. The countertop must measure the width of the cabinetry. They do not occupy much space but they can store a lot to give you easy time with all your bathroom needs. There are various choices to choose from, wood, ornate, glass, as well as wall mount styles with dug-in and top sinks to fit and match the style and space in your bathroom.

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As usual, the buyer will always choose the design. The size shouldn’t be too big or too small but proportional to your space available. A round shape can be excellent for sharp corners and also reduce the likely impact of the hip hazard. Mostly the size of your room will be the determinant.

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Just like the sizes, color and design, the prices too will vary depending on the quality. 15’’ Mariella corner vanity, white, vanish or any color from signature hardware will cost you only $299.95. While 23’’ Holbrook corner vanity from the same hardware is $419.95.
corner bathroom vanity photo - 2There are discounted offers as well for example; Fresca coda is now selling at $549.00 from $909.00 and the Fresca Ordinato is only $409.34 from 659.00


With a variety of choices and the beauty in each, selection can be a great challenge. Though you can always get help from your buyer or an interior designer. Just be sure of what will match your style, maybe a cornerstone or bamboo can do. The choice is yours.

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