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The bathroom in your house deserves a pretty treat. It needs to be a well-built place, well equipped and facilitated to make you spend long period in it. Bathroom rugs are essential to make a complete bathroom experience. Bath mats make you feel comfortable not stepping on the cold floor tiles and prevents you from slipping and falling. That would really ruin your precious bathroom moment. Bath mats complete you stay in the bathroom. A bathroom that lacks one feels something is amiss.

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Carpet brand in the US market

There’re many brands of colorful bath rugs and mats on the United States market, among them being the yellow bath rugs that gives your bathroom a sound taste. Here we compare several brands in the US market and their possible current prices;

    • Dll Oceanique Machine washable 100% cotton woven ribbed luxury spa bath mat. It is soft and absorbent with dimensions 17″ by 24″. The price is $11.99
    • Three piece Monte Carlo spa collection rug set. Large mat with the following dimensions – 20″ by 31″. Contour 20″ by 20″ and a lid cover 18″ by 19″. The retail price is $28.99
    • Ikea yellow super soft bath shower mat. Round and it goes at the cost of $9.59

Note all the above brands are in yellow color.



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