Bronze bathroom accessories

If you are considering redecorating your bathroom, there are a range of options available. Brands such as
Moen, Kohler and Delta provide more modern types. For something a bit different, you might consider bronze
bath accessories, bronze bathroom fixtures, Venetian bronze bathroom accessories or alternative types from
companies such as American Standard. Below is a comparison of some of the brands available, along with a
guide to the prices.

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Brand comparison

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If you are looking for Venetian faucets, American Standard provide a range of products in this style. For a sleeker, more modern look, it is worth checking Moen. Their products have a creative, alternative appearance
as they offer a stylish range of affordable products, covering modern, transitional and traditional options.

Kohler’s range of products have a simple black, white and silver appearance to them (although if gadgets and
technology is your priority, look no further!) whilst Delta cover a range of collections from traditional to modern.

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Price policy

Internet research suggests that Moen is the most affordable option of the three. Kohler is the most expensive (possibly because of the technology involved with some of their products). As Delta has a range of collections, the price range varies. Depending on your requirements and budget, the four suppliers mentioned in this article have a beautiful range of products available, allowing you to decorate your bathroom to suit your taste.

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