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Big blue ocean or a calm lake, water calms us and we could watch it for hours.
Inspiration. Blue is a must, but how much of it, that is entirely up to you. The possibilities are endless; you can paint your bathroom blue from floor to ceiling. If you are not a fan of blue, you can always bring the ocean to your bathroom by adding blue details.
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In the mornings we need help to wake up and prepare for what awaits us that day, and in the evenings, we relax and fill our batteries for the next day.
Inspiration. Uplifting colors like green and yellow will spark up a room and put a smile on your face. Find your inspiration on the beach, whether it is in the colors of the sun or in the colors of the palm trees. Bring the nature in with natural materials and colors.


Get away from it all. Take a mini-vacation, but you don’t have to go far, your beach style bathroom will be quite sufficient.beach themed bathroom accessories photo - 3
Inspiration. If your bathroom looks like an oasis on an exotic island, when you close that door, you really will feel like you have gone away from your everyday life. Pay attention to details here, play around with souvenirs from your travels or simply purchase details such as shells, artwork or photos.


Relax, sink into the blue water, clear your head. Let the smells of the sea and the beach relaxes all your senses.
Inspiration: Use colors that you like, decorations that are dear to you, trust yourself when choosing furniture. Bring the best of that perfect day at the beach into your home. The soft sand under your feet can be a creamy bathroom rug, the blue sea can be a warm calming bath, and lighting fixtures can be a calm morning sunrise or a beautiful sunset.




Harmony is what you need after a hard day, connect with yourself again.
Inspiration. Match the colors of the walls, tiles, and colors of the furniture. Choose a color that inspires you from a wide range of beach colors; blue, green, sand, earth and wood; and use it throughout the bathroom. From towels, little details like soap stand, ornaments, to rugs and shower curtains, to achieve harmony.

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