Make your bathroom bigger with storage cabinets

The intelligent use of bathroom storage cabinets can make your bathroom bigger by managing your space efficiently. In fact, having your belongings properly organized will save you time and a lot of headaches. Depending on your needs and your taste for style, there is a bathroom cabinet suited just for you, with many different types, prices, storage capacity, and styles.




Among the floor bathroom storage cabinets, one of the most basic is the Zenith Wood Floor Stand, a simple yet efficient model. At about $35, it’s made of wood, has one door, and still offers decent storage capacity that will satisfy most people. For extra quality and much more storage, you could get the PrairieFloor Cabinet, which has three large shelves to store all your items. It is made of MDF wood and lasts for a long time, so expect to pay at least twice for it, in the range of 90$.


The same two companies also offer wall cabinets models, with very similar characteristics, design, and prices. For different styles, you can try the Evelyn Cabinet with Cubbies, which offers the same kind of storage, but can be used in other places, from the bathroom to the kitchen. It’s also made of MDF wood but is brown and it has a style similar to a bookshelf, with an average price of 60$. There is also the Alma Floor Cabinet, which is black with decorated glass panel doors, adjustable shelves to adapt to a variety of items, and is an easy installation. Its price will be in the range of 115$ and up.
Bathroom storage cabinets photo - 2If you want to save even more space, you can always opt for models that go over the toilet. At around 40$, the Metal Spacesaver Bath Storage Rack has 3 shelves and is easy to assemble. If you don’t like cabinets, there are many other types of storage that are convenient and cheap, like simple shelves, drawers, and baskets.

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