Unique bathroom lighting ideas

A good bathroom lighting system helps in various ways. First, it gives you enough light to enable you bath and groom with ease. Secondly, it illuminates the room to add some mood and finally, it helps create a feeling that the small bathroom is bigger than it is. Here are a few bathroom lighting ideas that you can use when planning for your bathroom lighting.

Think of art

Pieces of art such as blown glass and bronze light fixtures are good for a contemporary style bathroom. They are formal but yet adds some playfulness in the room

Candlestick holders

For oriental and country French styled bathrooms, you may consider candlestick sconces. You can have them custom made, and glazed to add decorative effect on the bathroom. These fixtures are at your grooming areas and next to the mirrors.

Recessed lighting

If you have a small bathroom, it is good to avoid large lighting fixtures, as they seem to take lots of space. In their place, you may have the lighting fixtures put in the ceiling. Recessed lighting blurs the corners of a small bathroom making it look bigger. They also provide soft light that adds a romantic sparkle.

Light Tubes

If you have a medium to large sized contemporary vanity, you may install streamlined tube lines on the wall above the vanity. Tubes illuminate the vanity area and a give the place a distinctive look. Use different switches for this lighting from those of the main lights. To highlight any art that may be in the room, you may use accent lighting fixtures as they only highlight the required area. bathroom lighting ideas photo - 2

Crystal chandelier

A crystal chandelier adds style to the bathroom. Its sparkling set of sconces also adds more light to the room through mirror reflection and its several sconces.

Colored shades

Add more color to your bathroom by buying lampshades in your favorite color. Avoid using dark colors, as they tend to absorb a lot of light making the bathroom look dull.

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