Contemporary feature floor bathroom vs conventional natural bathrooms

There are many designs that seem to enter the market everyday as more people realize the need to design bathrooms as any other part of a home. However regardless of the themes coming into place, they can still be categorized into two contemporary bathrooms or conventional bathrooms when looking at bathroom ideas photo gallery. In this case when wanting to settle on one there that will bring out their style, there are practically two types of bathrooms that have become a trend that are worth looking at. bathroom ideas photo gallery photo - 1

Contemporary Feature floors tiles bathroom

Looking through bathroom ideas photo gallery one will notice that in contemporary modernized bathrooms the bathrooms are usually small. With homes being build smaller his days, the bathroom space tends to be limited. The contemporary feature floor tiles bathroom have basic items; clear walls of one color, a mirror and cabinets to hold essentials, in case space is still available a bathtub can be squeezed in place. However the feature floors are the specialty of the bathroom as the tiles are in different colors, in this regard giving style and beauty to a bathroom, without adding too much clutter or overwhelming the bathroom in the process.

Conventional natural bathrooms

Using natural substances is what many people usually seek when looking through bathroom ideas photo gallery. In this regard one highlighted trend that has been there are the natural bathrooms. With a warm welcoming sight to be admired, use of nature from natural stones such as marble is used. Walls are usually covered in wood sheets and the tiles on the flooring used are wood like to the eye. Lighting used comes from sunlight to ensure that the bathroom produces a yellow glow. Still when night descends same use of lighting that will bring the same yellow glow is used. However for this to truly work the bathroom space in question has to be a bit bigger, as a number of beauty accessories of your choosing with the help of a designer will be used.

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  • July 18, 2015 at 8:57 am

    I love that all-white look as well. My bathroom has white walls, but the forlos are a blonde bamboo and the counters are gray. So, I put down 2 fluffy white bath mats, hung up thick white spa towels, white hand towels, and set a stack of white washcloths out. I also set my white q-tips & cotton swabs in clear containers so the white shows through. its really brightened up the room! I’m working on a white robe and slippers.

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