Interior Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Applying bathroom ideas for small bathrooms is essential for making a rather dull space look lively. Decorating small bathrooms can be quite a challenge for some people, but if one can achieve the appropriate match of surfaces, fixtures, and color then the illusion of larger space is possible. In previous years, bathrooms areas have significantly expanded, like master bedrooms in newer homes. However, older homes still have smaller bathing areas which is why such houses can benefit from design tricks that create the perception of small spaces looking bigger. One design approach is to use a country or rustic style that seems to incorporate more decor and adornment compared to modern and contemporary styles.

bathroom ideas for small bathrooms photo - 1A good example would be to use a space-saving fixtures like a pedestal sink or short height vanity that is half way in height. Instead of putting large furniture, you can showcase textured and colorful towels placed on open shelves. Other ideas would include, stacking up wooden crates and drilling them to the wall as a way of adding storage space. In addition, sink skirts can add flare and readily hide away cleaning material. Furthermore, small bathrooms can lead to unwanted clutter. One way to solve this by only placing functional elements in the room like adding stackable baskets under the cabinets and above the dryer units. You can also Q-tips and cotton balls in glass jars and minimize counter space though displaying few personal products.
bathroom ideas for small bathrooms photo - 2When it comes to painting small bathrooms, use a neutral color that make the space feel calm and radiates an artistic aura. The color White is interpreted as being clean, and it also offers significant illusion that the room seems bigger. An option to painting would be to add drops accessories made of different color. This can range from custom hand towels, main towels, robes and rugs in the bathroom the create a unique flair and ambiance for the small space.

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