Bathroom Fans That Completely Change The Look and Atmosphere Of a Bathroom

A bathroom fan is one of the best features that you can add to your bathroom today. They are able to offer a unique kind of luxury which is easily available and affordable for any homeowner.The major function of a bathroom fan is to boost air circulation in the atmosphere of the bathroom round the clock keeping the air around fresh, free of bad odour and also free of moisture.

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They also serve as ventilators by keeping the air oxygenated. All this in turn prevents growth of toxic mold on surfaces and ensure that the walls and the paint lasts longer cutting your maintenance expenditures.

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In addition to that, they also serve as decor pieces, this is because of their very elegant and enticing looks which make the whole restroom look more pleasant creating a spa like environment.

Some of the most popular brands

There are many appealing designs made by modern day manufacturers and just a look at them can take your breath away. Nutone and Broan bathroom fans are the most popular and commonly used today. They are known to be the best because of their reliability and their durability.They are also a number of features added to their design that wouldnt be found in a regular bath fan such as lights and heating lamps. Panasonic bath fans are another unique kind of fans.


They are also very common because of their ability to efficiently and effectively serve their main purpose that is, air circulation. They are capable of this because of their design of parallel mode of air circulation using a pair of ducts rather than a single one.They simultaneously pump in fresh air through an inlet duct and remove stale and smelly air through an outlet duct. Their prices are relatively affordable even to middle-class persons.

What to look for in a bathroom fan

Normal bathrooms require a fan with an exhaust capacity of 25L/s (litres per second) or 50 Cfm of air. A fan that is of low quality is not able to exhaust enough air to make a difference in the room plus it is likely to be very noisy for use in a home. The best fan to install should have a sound rating of 0.1 – 0.5 sones and use up not more than 20 watts. For a large bathroom, or one with bigger fixtures installed, such as a spa, requires larger fans which should be installed close to the source of the moisture or odour, but for an inline fan, its not a must for it to be placed close to the bathroom as long as its it intake grille is is properly positioned.

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