Paint your Bathroom with pastel color schemes

Colors in the bathroom must be chosen very carefully. It is a room in which we maintain our personal hygiene. As such, it must have a color that is inviting and discreet as well. There are a number of colors that one can use to paint their bathroom to ensure that it is comfortable for the user.






Pastels are a color that was previously only for nurseries and baby care facilities. The soft texture of the color makes it ideal for environments in which children are. Today, this color scheme can be applied in our bathrooms. You can have the bathroom painted in soft pink, blue or white pastels. They are charming colors that can be combined with interesting accents. There is a variety of pastel colors. These range from the neutral through the deep to the bright pastel colors.

bathroom color schemes photo - 1Any of these will add a touch of soft charm to a bathroom. Another color scheme that is great for the bathroom is deep black tiles. These tiles exude sophistication in the bathroom. The black tiles can be combined with gold, red or green color on the wall. These tiles can also be paired with pastel wall paint. The contrast is very intriguing and oozes class. This is the go-to color for the bold and daring.

Good Brand comparison

bathroom color schemes photo - 2You can get pastel paints from Behr paints. They have a wide variety of pastel colors to choose from for example jade and sky blue pastel paints. You can also get pastel paints from B&Q. Their range of pastel colored bathroom paints is simply dazzling.

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1 gallon of Behr pastel paint will cost you $29.98. you can also buy a 5 gallon contain of the same paint. This one will cost you $135.00. on the other hand, you can buy a 2.5 liter container of

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