Bathroom cabinets over toilets utilize additional space in the bathroom

Bathroom cabinets include a range that is affixed over toilets. Strictly speaking, these cabinets use the vertical space available above the flush tank. The width of these cabinets does not extend over the toilet seat. Therefore, the person using the commode is not likely to sustain any injuries in an upright position.

Bathroom cabinets over toilets are a space-saving ideal addition in bathrooms that are small with little storage space in them. Some of these bathroom cabinets over toilets come with a stand are tower cabinets. Therefore, relocating these cabinets is not difficult. Other cabinets are fixed to the wall above the flush tank. Usually a gap of one foot and more is left between the flush tank and the lower end of such space-saving cabinets. This gap is essential for any repairs to the flush tank. In addition, the gap ensures that moisture and water do not damage the cabinet material. Different materials such as wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and bamboo are used to make these cabinets over toilets. Most of these bathroom cabinets have doors. Doors of these cabinets often have louvers on them. Some of the cabinets have adjustable shelves. Topmost shelves of these cabinets are often used to store towels and other bathroom linen. Usually, however, these cabinets are used for storing consumables such as toilet rolls, deodorants, bathroom cleaning liquids, etc. Separating such liquids from cosmetics is advisable because of the possible chemical reactions. Medical chest may also be built within these cabinets over toilets, effectively reducing the number of things that are kept in other bathroom cabinets. bathroom cabinets over toilet photo - 2Costs vary as per the size of these cabinets, their design, and materials used to make them. Finishing such as satin nickel finish makes these cabinets look stylish.


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A Fairmont Space Saver bathroom cabinet that fits over the toil costs almost $130. In contrast Summit Space saver bathroom cabinets for using over the toilet cost approximately $80.

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The wall cabinet from Fairmont costs approximately $100. Sauder Caraway has a wall cabinet too, which is available for approximately $39. Zenith’s wooden space saver that uses the space above toilet costs approximately $84.

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